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What are sustainable workplaces? How to Create a Sustainable Work Environment? 



Individuals spend a significant part of their day at the office rather than home. It is necessary to have that workplace made attractive so that they experience the least stress, and are more productive. A sustainable workplace is established to balance people, planet, and profit for the overall success of the organisation. A healthy workplace produces motivated and happier employees, who will work more productively- thanks to the absence of health hazards and potential mishaps. It is fundamental to boosting the reputation and profitability of the organisation.


Surrounded by these stress-busting green environs, employees also have a chance to retrospect about implement green practises into their personal lives.


This blog will be featuring expert advice from industry stalwarts who have led from the front and achieved sustainability in their line of business.


How do you establish a sustainable workplace in the first place?







Companies can do so by investing in sustainable sources of energy, and the implementation of green practices into the work environment. Now this will be elaborated by industry gurus on the blogs that will follow. However, for starters, I give you five simple strategies to make your office more sustainable.


Going Paperless:


Many organisations have gone paperless. Some do it partially, while the printing is strictly limited to statutory requirements. Digital documents are much more affordable and readily accessible. They reduce clutter, and are available from anywhere! If they still need to print, they use recycled paper from sustainable sources.

Recycle and Reuse:


The easiest way to be environmentally friendly is to adopt recycling. Set up dedicated bins around your office for paper, electronic waste, plastics, and glass. Look for ways to reuse items. Replace your disposable cutlery and coffee mugs with reusable glass cups. Why not encourage employees to reuse “one-sided” printouts as notebooks?




Limit Excess Usage:


Having a lesser electricity bill not only reduces company overheads but also proves beneficial to the environment. Take a walk around your office to see if ACs are running without necessity. Switch off lights and equipment that are not in use. Close computer apps that are draining the processor. Use laptops instead of desktops – for they use lesser energy.


Add a Little Greenery:


Greenery added to your office can enliven the interiors. According to an online survey, there is a 15% increase in productivity and improved memory retention when plants are added to beautify the workplace.



Choosing Sustainable Vendors/Suppliers


Choose sustainable products for your company. They can be kitchen/bathroom cleaning products or recycled stationery. Also, consider how far the products have to travel to reach you. Why not opt for local products and reduce your carbon footprint? Go a step further, and ask these vendors if they have an environmental policy – before doing business with them.

These are a few simple tips from my end. More to come on the blogs that follow!





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Arun Karunakaran

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Hi Everyone, thank you for visiting Sustainable workplaces. I am the editor-in-chief where we address the sustainability industry issues, solutions and latest trends. As a travel agent working in Singapore, I was inspired by the green and clean country.  I also got the chance to visit few countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia which are economically poorer and richer than India but still maintain green and clean cities. I also  happened to read about so many countries moving towards sustainable solutions. Which developed a longing to start a go-green business in India. I have a business under the brand  OxyO which provides solutions for waste management. I like these lines 


” The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that some one else will save it”

by Robert  Swan


Together let us make the world a better place.


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