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The world is moving towards sustainability. Environmentally friendly products are getting more popular as people realise the need for taking care of the environment.


But do you know that commercial car care companies are more environmentally viable than your DIY attempts at home? Yes! Top companies are viewing sustainability as the only way forward.





3M India

Conventional cars are washed with high-pressure water, with an average consumption of 100 litres per car. 3M has introduced a water-based chemical for washing cars without any external water source. We have stopped using external water.  It helps remove dust, hard-dust, mud, bird droppings, and grease from painted surfaces without causing damage.


Toyota Kirloskar India

In its endeavour to make an environmentally friendly world, Toyota Kirloskar Motor is not far behind. Their “Eco Car Wash” saves 95% of the water compared to the traditional car wash. Their ECO wash products are ready to use water-based formulation designed to clean dirt and grime from vehicle painted surface efficiently. They use   Rainwater Harvesting – not only for surplus water at the plant but also to cater to water requirements of the local community in Bidadi; this was done way back in 2014, which shows Toyota’s commitment as the front runners in this global race towards a greener planet.


Mercedes-Benz India

Mercedes-Benz India introduced waterless car washing with the introduction of “Quick and Clean”. It gives a better finish than water, saving millions of litres of water. The product itself is eco-friendly and doesn’t harm the environment. “Quick and Clean” product is bio-degradable and is mild on skin, and not harmful to health.


Wheeler Cleaner


Wheeler Cleaner is India’s largest detailing company that started with 12 sq ft to 68,000 sq ft spanning eight states and 118 branches across India.

“When it comes to Global warming, I feel that every business needs to take cognisance and embrace environmentally friendly practises. As a growing organisation with a pan India footprint, we are very much conscious about the environment around us. If we are not environmentally conscious, we may end up harming our planet. We have made conscious efforts to incorporate eco-friendliness into our standard operating procedure. We use recycled material for all the packaging done for internal use. At wheeler cleaner, only organic chemicals which are not volatile and pose no threat to the environment are used and also shampoos close to neutral  pH, gradually migrating to steam instead of water”, says Asheesh Chadha Founder- M.D. of Wheeler Cleaner, Mysore.




Aptly called “Aspirer to Inspirer” by THE HINDU, Asheesh Chadha has single-handedly steered the Wheeler Cleaner towards its present-day colossal stature. He has also taken his passions to greater horizons with MOJO JOJO, a unit of Wheeler Cleaner – an eco-friendly zone and experience centre for bikes. Mojo Jojo is all set to open 250 centres across strategic locations across the country.




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Arun Karunakaran

Editor in chief

Hi Everyone, thank you for visiting Sustainable workplaces. I am the editor-in-chief where we address the sustainability industry issues, solutions and latest trends. As a travel agent working in Singapore, I was inspired by the green and clean country.  I also got the chance to visit few countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia which are economically poorer and richer than India but still maintain green and clean cities. I also  happened to read about so many countries moving towards sustainable solutions. Which developed a longing to start a go-green business in India. I have a business under the brand  OxyO which provides solutions for waste management. I like these lines 


” The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that some one else will save it”

by Robert  Swan


Together let us make the world a better place.


Arun Karunakaran
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